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Sneezy was a little cat I found on the side of a country road one night. It was rainy and dark when I saw a little brownish white kitten on the side of the road. He looked very bedraggled. I stopped and got out of the car and he started to walk in front of it. He was so skinny and dirty that I knew some heartless person had simply left him to die. I picked him up and took him home with me.

My dad almost had a fit when I brought him in. Poor kitty, he looked terrible. He was so dirty that I couldn't keep him in the house that night so I put a box on the porch and some food. I felt an instant bond with him. The next day, my dad insisted that we weren't keeping him because we already had one cat (Sunshine). My mom said we would just keep feeding him and dad would be okay.

After my mom and I attempted to give him a bath, he looked better. I named him Sneezy because he sneezed a lot. I took him to the vet and found out that he had a sinus infection. He was soon over it with the help of some antibiotics. As time wore on, he fattened up and made a beautiful cat. He was mostly white with some black. He was the most thankful and loving cat. Sunshine was a little jealous of him. Sneezy loved to play and Sunshine didn't. Needless to say, my dad ended up loving him as much as we did.

One night I let Sneezy out before I went to bed. He always went out and came back in before bedtime. When I went to yell for him, he didn't come. I thought that maybe he was out playing somewhere and went to bed. The next morning I didn't see him and that evening, my dad found him on the road past our house. We buried him back behind our barn and I made a little headstone for him. It was a terrible few weeks. I missed him snuggling up with me at night and his purrs. It has been a little over a year now and I still miss him.

Here are some pictures of Sneezy and Sunshine.

Sneezy and Sunshine

Sneezy and Sunshine

Sneezy playing with a bear
Here is Sneezy playing with a stuffed bear.



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