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Kitty in the Window Sunshine is a three year old neutered cat. I got him from a friend when he just a kitten. He was feisty then, but he's mellowed out a lot. He is big, lazy, lovable and spoiled. He loves to eat and always finds an out of the way place to sleep. He is very independent and often demands to have his way. I have taken to calling him His Majesty because he thinks he is royalty.

I have some terrible news, Sunshine is missing. After we moved, he stayed in the house for a week, much to his dislike. I started letting him outside a little at a time and one day he didn't come home. I'm not sure what happened to him, but I hope he will come home soon. I have decided to leave this page up for a while longer in hopes that he will come home.

Feel free to check out the rest of the page and sign the guestbook.

Look what we won at the Catnip Festival in the AKCC booth!


We also got this from Oliver's birthday party!




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The song playing is "The Rain Song".